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Rolex Cellini Time: the dress code watch for a return to the crown

When we think of Rolex, we think of sporty models like the Submariner, or dressy models like Datejust and Day-Date, but remember, Rolex has a line of luxury dress watches in its Cellini collection.

At Baselworld 2014, Rolex has just announced three new Cellini models, which were hinted at earlier this week. The Rolex Cellini has new dimensions, a new case, and cheap rolex cellini watches even some new movements for Rolex.

The Rolex Cellini Time, announced today, is an elegant expression of the traditional three-hand watch, with central seconds, minutes and hour hands. The Cellini collection also includes Cellini Date (with date) and Cellini Dual Time, with two time zone complications and day/night indicators. In this article, I will focus only on Cellini Time, which is the most basic and traditional of the three models.
Traditionally, Cellini models are rarely shared with the brethren of Rolex sports and dress watches. They use different cases, dials and earphones. However, when we read the specs, the pioneering innovation of the 3135 movement has returned to the movement used in the 2014 Cellini collection. It is worth noting that this is a self-winding movement with a blue Parachrom hairspring winding in a Breguet, at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz), with 31 rubies.

The new models are increased in size to 39mm. new models are equipped with a double bezel with a groove and then a domed shape. The crown is a tapered, fluted ornament that screws into the case to help it reach a 50-meter water resistance rating, although these Cellini models (as always) are among the few Rolex watches without an Oyster case. The rear cover is a hemispherical rear cheap rolex watches cover with a notch, reminiscent of some models in Rolex history. The lugs have more in common with the Datejust’s than the Cellini Cestello or Cellini Prince. There’s no doubt that this new collection looks as if Rolex has borrowed from the best in their history in these elegant timepieces, and further attempts to show consumers tuxedos or formal wear watches for very formal occasions.

This series really struck a chord with me. I am very fond of vintage works and the history behind them. The Rolex Cellini Time feels like it was created by a manufacturer who knows their history and treats it with reverence. Interestingly, the minute track is not on the edge of the dial, but divides the hour markers in two. I’m not sure I like the dial markings by minute track. If the marker is not that long, or the minute trajectory is not that far from the edge, the pointer may be too short. When implemented, the minute hand reaches the minute track and the hour hand reaches the hour mark and feels even.

All the elements of this watch are elegant, classic, and almost aristocratic. I can’t help but compare it to Datejust and think, “This is what Datejust looks like when he grows up.” The lugs aren’t much different, the bezel is narrow, allowing more of the dial to be stared at. I think 39mm is the perfect size, and by today’s standards it’s not too big or too small.

The Rolex Cellini Time is available in 18k white gold or Everose gold, and the dial and hands are matched. For example, if you have the Cellini Time in 18k white gold, it will come with a white or black dial with 18k white gold markers and 18k white gold hands. The crocodile leather strap comes with a matching 18k white gold buckle. If you don’t like white gold, you can opt for the 18k Everose yellow gold case with 18k rose gold hands and markers and an 18k Everose buckle on the alligator leather strap. The Everose version is available with a black alligator leather strap.

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